You know when you start reading a blog and they link to something and you click over there and click another link and then another and before you know it you have spent an hour or two adding to your favourites as you visit around the blogging community?

Well I LOVE that!

I want this blog to be fueled by this blogging community!

Every Sunday I will post a themed  linkup and I am looking for your links about this subject. They DO NOT need to be current just within the theme. Feel free to think outside the box with these links. Soup does not need to be a recipe- maybe an activity you did with your kids or toy you made or picture of something you made and posted in your shop.

The following week I will feature some of these linkups in posts that link back to YOU. Create some new and free traffic to your blog.

By submitting a link you are giving me permission to use a picture from that post and link back to you.

happy linking