Monday, September 19, 2011

amazon card giveaway

GIVEAWAY CLOSED  *****************

This blog is all about links I think other people may find interesting or helpful , with the odd cute picture thrown in. Now I know other people have useful information stored on their favorites or in their blog and I want those people to send it to me.

Following the theme I want links from you!

The current theme is posted  every sunday and is also found on the top left hand side of the front page of this blog ( when I haven't forgot to update it)

To encourage your participation I thought I would host a giveaway here

I think most people like Amazon and most people like gift cards. So lets combine them and do an AMAZON GIFT CARD GIVEAWAY for $25

To enter this giveaway :

1.send me a link by email ,, that you thinks fits within one of the following themes


think outside the box with these. Submit links from shops, blogs, tutorials, pictures, art or ?
2. If you are using a picture from Pinterest please find the original link before submitting.
3. Every link that follows the rules will be counted as an entry but Please send each link as a separate email to make it easier for me.
4. DO NOT add a comment below with a link, they will only be counted if sent by email

Giveaway ends October 4th

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