Sunday, September 4, 2011

how to influence readers and win friends or why links are good

People blog for a variety of reasons, Just off the top of my head I can think of a few- to share information, to have somewhere to post all those ideas that they read about on other blogs, to show people how to do something or how they made something, to build a relationship with shoppers of a online store.

Of course there are many more but I think universally what all bloggers want is an audience. If we are going to make/ write something, take pictures and post about it, it would sure be nice to have someone appreciating our efforts

I believe this is why linky parties are popular for bloggers and readers. As a blogger I can link something that I have worked on that week and if the reader's attention is caught by the title or thumbnail they will click over to your blog to learn abpout it. Yah for everyone

I know that I am a blog addict and I don't want a 12 step program to get over it! I start at one blog and that blogger links up to something they found of interest and I click over there and then that blogger may send me over to check out something else. I am always adding to my favorites list so I can click away to the new link but come back and read about more on the original blog later. I love this!

I created this blog because like every friendly addict I want to share with you. To find ideas that fit within the weekly theme I surf through many sites like stumbleupon , pinterest, google, deviant art just to name a few. But I really want this blog to be fueled by other bloggers.

This blog is for the bloggers who want to tell the community about something. I set a weekly theme each Sunday and want you the bloggers to submit links that tie in with this theme. I will post about these links and rattle on about this blogger and their blog.

What does this mean to you the blogger? Readers clicking over to your blogs means traffic which is what we all seek. Plus with a link a posting what it really comes down to is some free advertising for you.

Gotta love that linky love!
I am taking links that fit into the theme PENCILS this week. You can submit your links at

upcoming themes are posted here if you are the type of blogger who plans out their postings and want to see if anything you are doing will fit into a future theme.

Links do not have to be from current postings. If it is from 2 years ago but fits the theme I want it. You don't just need to be a blogger to take advantage of this I accept  links from small online shops, youtube and others.

linked up at


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  1. Thanks for sharing at Bacon time. I am definately a blogger who plans.