Monday, September 12, 2011

pencils #1

Well school is back in. Right up to the end I wasn't really ready for summer to end but then my  kid had a whine day - and I mean ALL day. I told her thank you because now I was ready for them to go back to school.
Of course now that school is back in she is tired and whines when she get home from school, but at least it is only a few hours until bed time. LOL
Anyway let's celebrate fall (is anybody else experiencing the hottest weather ever! this summer ) and back to school
If I got to go back to school I would want to be sporting pencils like these

you need some cute little wooden buttons, paint and a steady hand plus pencils of course
go check out how to make these toadstool pencils at and maybe the kids will be smiling after school instead of whining. Ok maybe this is asking to much of pencils.

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