Monday, August 15, 2011


want to make your own watercolor paint?

make it up and use it right away or leave it to harden for future use ( good for those of use who can and will knock over any liquid without a lid on it- and I am not talking about the children here! )
You can check out the recipe at Chasing Cheerios where she made it with her two girls. Her children are 4 and 1 but even with older kids you could use this as a color mixing project.
While travelling in the car on holidays this week the kids were playing with playdough and my 8 year old had to have a real think of what color comes from mixing blue and yellow. Of course we were all a little sleep deprived from sleeping 5 to a hotel room but ??
Chasing Cheerios mom was inspired by the post at dim sum, bagels and crawfish
Seems the fizzing that comes from mixing vinegar and and baking soda is pretty fun too.
The recipe comes from The Ultimate Book of Kid Concoctions

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