Wednesday, August 17, 2011

water #2

When I say please send me links that relate to the weekly theme I mean -if you think it relates then send it! For example this next link may seem to have nothing to do with water ..but oh wait it's a pool noodle and pools have water .. see? You think it relates then please send me a link- it doesn't need to be current either, if you wrote about 2.3 years ago but it is within that theme send me that link!

I'm pretty sure I have seen this a few years before and filed it away in my brain but being the reliable source of memories it usually is I can't recall where. But that is OK because here it is again. It was done as a guest post by serving pink lemonade on homespun threads.

These pool noodles racetracks would be a hit in our house because
1.We have stairs and they would probably go fast
2. they are all one piece and we wouldn't lose most of the track to the black hole somewhere in the house
3. they are kinda soft so when one child decides to hit other child it probably won't leave welts - please tell me this doesn't only happen in my house

The noodles above use racing marbles but apparently there are noodles with a larger hole in the middles and you can use cars on them.

If brain doesn't recall use google! here is the car track tute from My little

will have to watch for some of these on sale with the end of summer sales me thinks

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